Run AFNI on Cluster

Please be noted that SUMA (suma) won’t run when connecting to the cluster using X2Go, so we have to use ssh (Linux / MacOS users) or git bash (Windows users) to connect to the cluster if we need to run suma.

After you connect to the head node, you can start a Slurm session using the following command, for example:
srun -c 12 --x11 --pty bash -i
Then load the “afni” module:
module load afni
The first time you run the above command, it will configure AFNI for you and copy the default data to your home folder. Configuration and data copying won’t happen again unless your “~/.afnirc” file is deleted or modified, or a newer version of AFNI is available on the cluster.

We can then run “afni” or “suma” commands, for example, to check vesions and the current AFNI installation:
afni -version
suma -version -check_all

The current AFNI version is AFNI_21.0.03 (Jan 14, 2021).